Phần mềm tìm kiếm và chuyển giao tập trung - Enterprise

The SirsiDynix Enterprise® search and discovery platform removes that barrier, empowering your library to shine as the epicenter of information that it is. How? It’s easy. We’ve divided it into three basic steps, backed by a lot of solid technology. First, expand the library’s reach. Second, give the users more. Third, bring them back to the library.

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Phần mềm quản lý tài nguyên số - E Resource Central

In 2011, SirsiDynix announced development for SirsiDynix® eResource Central™ (eRC), a next generation electronic resource management solution for libraries. eRC bridges the gap between content providers and users, enabling libraries to manage and deliver eResources seamlessly and cost-effectively.

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Phần mềm quản trị thư viện tích hợp - Symphony

At SirsiDynix, we feel great responsibility to each individual library we serve and, thus, refuse to create one-size-fits all technology. The SirsiDynix Symphony® ILS, is the cornerstone of this commitment. With the Symphony system, your library can benefit from intuitive, robust technology with all the bells and whistles, a rich patron interface, and a fully adaptable, expandable and customizable platform.

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