Electro-Magnetic System

- Tagit™ security systems are now widely considered to be the international market leader for high quality Electro-magnetic security systems with exceptional performance and elegant contemporary design. - Equipped with the latest Tagit™ patented three axis detection technology, the Premium EAS system gives peerless tag detection performance in all three tag orientations. -...
Our new deactivator pad allows reliable deactivation of EM labels at a height of 70 mm up to 130 mm respectively for Barkhausen or Harmonic type of EM labels. The deactivation process is triggered by an optical sensor. Due to the very fast response characteristics, the deactivator can be smoothly integrated in the standard librarian scanning procedure
- The LCS Pro is an innovation of the library circulation program EM/RFID for security and identification systems. - The LCS Pro (standard) is designed for (re)activating and deactivating most EM security tags commonly used in libraries, like the Dialoc ID chip and tail tags.
Compact Discs (DVD, CD, CD-ROM’s), are protected by applying a CD protection label with integrated security strip directly to the disc and are available for circulating and non-circulating collections.
EM library tail tag DSA Protects paperbacks, magazines, journals and thin or tightly bound hard cover books. Double sided adhesive ensures tags stay in the book. Long tails for easy handling to pull tags deep into the book gutter. EM library tail tag SSA Designed to be hidden in the spine of a hard cover book. Easily applied using insertion tool. The use of high quality EM tags...