OM 1700 Roll film - Zeutschel

OM 1700 Roll film - Zeutschel

High performance roll film scanning. High-performance filmscanner for roll film 16/35 mm, 256 gray scales scan mode and/or b&w
  • Fastest automatic digitizing of complete film archives
  • Full-roll scanning with image detection
  • No film re-scan necessary
  • Automatic image exposure, density and contrast control
  • 16/35 mm roll film easily changeable
  • Scanning in gray scale and/or b&w without impact on speed
  • Real time image enhancement
  • Easy and ergonomic operation
  • Quantum Scan Software
  • Quantum Process Software



High-performance filmscanner for roll film 16/35 mm,
256 gray scale scan mode and/or b&w

Max. scan resolution

100 - 600 dpi

Scan Speed

up to 700 frames per minute at 200 ppi – 1400 images per minute with dual output

Strip scan technology

200 ppi gray scale 3 minutes per roll, 300 ppi gray scale 4,5 minutes per roll.
Post process image processing up to 1600 images per minute

Scan mode

True 12 bit image processing for gray scales and b&w

Film size

roll film 16/35 mm – 30,5 m (thin film: 60 m),
and 305 m (1000 ft) filmkit

Film control

automatic image detection, single, double or triple level blipcode detection, dual-leading and trail edge detection as well as image splitting, negative and positive roll film, automatic density and contrast control, automatic film stop at film end, go to frame function

Image output

TIFF, JPEG, JPEG2000, PDF, Multipage-PDF, PDFA
Simultaneous output of grayscale and bi-tonal formats

Application Software

advanced strip scanning technology for entire roll scanning, image verification and file saving. 100% image capture, no film re-scan necessary. Capturing software for high productivity with all standard scanning tools as for example automatic image enhancement, automatic gain control, contrast enhancement, automatic density control, masking, image rotation, cropping, inversion, etc., in addition job administration, connection to document management systems

Operating system

Windows 7 (32 – 64 bit), WIN 10 PRO (64 bit), further alternatives on request

Power requirements

115/230 V, 60/50 Hz, 50 VA. Other voltages on request

Dimensions (wxdxh)

279 mm x 533 mm x 483 mm


approx. 27 kg