Open letter

Dear Customer,

Digital Information & Technology Joint Stock Company (IDT Vietnam international transaction name) is a highly specialized company, focusing on the fields of Library - Digitalization - Archives. The company was founded by experts with a wealth of knowledge and experience in consulting and designing specialized solutions for the aforementioned fields. With library solutions, IDT is proud to be in the top of solution providers in Vietnam; With the remaining solutions, IDT is increasingly asserting itself as a reputable and reliable supplier.

As a member of the Library Association, the Information Society, the Archives Society, and the representative of the OCLC Global Library Network, we are constantly striving to make positive contributions for the Libraries, Archives and Digitalization industries - this is what we see as a mission.

As a company with a team of young enthusiastic and creative, "human" we consider the most important factor determining the success of all jobs. Our company has a leadership team with decades of experience in the industry, and a team of well-trained staff, with the motto "Thinks logical, acts professional", we believe and commit that " IDT Vietnam will bring to our customers the best solutions with the highest satisfaction. ”

Thank you to our customers for the cooperation and support for us in the past time. Wishing you good health and success.

Best regards!


On behalf of IDT Vietnam Company

Duong Dinh Hoa - Chairman and General Director