RTI opened our doors for business in 1970. Our first product was the Retectron automatic 16mm film inspection machine, designed, built and sold by our company’s founders, Ray L. Short, Jr. and Howard Bowen.

Today, RTI Companies include RTI: Research Technology International, the internationally known manufacturer of TapeChek professional videotape care equipment, DiscChek optical disc care equipment, and also includes Lipsner-Smith motion picture film cleaning machines, film laboratory products, flexible circuit and flexible substrate cleaners, BHP Inc. motion picture film printers, Calder Equipment Ltd. and Treise Engineering Inc. film processing equipment manufacturers, Filmlab Systems International, and most recently RTI Film Scanners and Recorders Designed by Imagica. Finally, RTI offers the RTI-Tek Media, line of audiovisual supplies.

With 45 years in business, RTI continues to develop new generations of products for emerging technologies in media capture and delivery systems.

Website: http://rtico.com/