Nainuwa – Digital Library System

As a leading expert in automatic digitalization equipment with typical product ScanRobot, Treventus has researched and built Nainuwa with outstanding advantages:

Design interface

Friendly displayed, intuitive and fulfillment.

Independent from browser technologies & Operating system

Compatible with Windows / Linux / Mac / Unix / iOS / Android

The NAINUWATM system will automatically adapt to the available screen size of the used devices like a desktop, tablet, or smartphone

The multi-language frontend navigation module enables to activate multiple languages within Nainuwa™.

Allows customizing the display interface with some basic information such as unit name, logo, background image, interface color, some identification symbols (Example: PDF Download, My Bookshelf, Search)


Manage metadata documents

Manage documents by collection

Manage various types of document formats Word, PDF, Image, Audio, Video

Manage and handle the type of large format documents. Images larger than 200 MB, maps, digitized books, etc.

The standard metadata fields of Nainuwa are corresponding to an extended DUBLIN CORE standard, allowing the import of metadata via XML, CSV, OAI-PMH format

Updated and edited catalog data


Search and filter documents

Basic search and advanced search

Automatically complete search results

Search by operator: AND, OR, NOT

Search history


Currently, IDT is pleased to offer a Nainuwa trial program to you.


For further information about your account and password, please contact:

Sales Department - Information and Digital Technology JSC

Phone: 04 6291 1401 - Email: