Magic Touch

For MagicBox® we developed MagicTouch — an all new content management software that lets you easily create stunning multimedia presentations. MagicTouch is not restricted to the MagicBox, it can be used for all your touch screens. Exhibitions and digital signage installations can be freely edited by in-house staff without the need to consult (and pay) external agencies for each modification. Let your visitors browse images, flip through publications, navigate maps, watch video or even interact with 3D renderings — all in one beautiful and intuitive touch interface.

- Lets you easily create stunning multimedia presentations for all your touch screens
- upload, organize and customize the content you want to share with your visitors.
- Let your audience browse photo galleries, flip through publications, watch
videos or interact with 3D renderings
- Info pop-ups via touchpoints
- Books and newspapers are given a flip effect so visitors can leaf through the publications
- Videos are automatically displayed at full-size to get the most out of every screen.
- MagicTouch registers and display user activity statistics

Main Function:

Document Digital Presentation

Supported format:

- Publication: JPG, JP2, TIF, PNG, BMP, GIF, PDF
- 3D view: 3DS, OBJ
- Video: MP4, AVI, MOV, WMV
- Maps: JPG, JP2, TIF, PNG, BMP
- docWorks XML

Minimum system requirement:

- Processor: Celeron N3450 (4 cores, Baseclock 1.1Ghz, turbo 1.6 Ghz) or higher
- Graphics: Intel HD Graphics 1GB or higher
- RAM memory: 4GB DIMM DDR3 clocked @ 1600 MHz or higher
- Minimum of 2 GB free space
- Hard disk: SSD Sata 3.0 600MB/s or faster
- Supported operating systems: Windows 10